Pkj = (1-rj)Ckj + rj(Ckj + qkj – pkj)

Credit: Title Photo by Steven Wei on Unsplash edited by Jamie Thorne
  1. The great outdoors
  2. The transport system
  3. The glorious Octopus card
  4. Hong Kong is always on
  5. Food
  6. Safety
  7. How English friendly the city is

Maybe…But Why?

Photo by KA YIK CHAN on Unsplash

Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash

Photo by Paco Wong on Unsplash


Over the…

From a Kowloon’er.

Photo by Adam Morse on Unsplash

A Metaphor for Life

Photo by Ben M on Unsplash

A Beginning

The ocean is special to me because I find it alluring, curious and also incredibly terrifying. I got to look at it a lot as a kid. I have relatives who live in a seaside town and I always enjoyed my visits there. What kid wouldn’t? It was often during holidays, we got to eat copious amounts of ice cream and line our pockets with two pence coins for the arcades. We lived like kings!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

And A Reflection on Hong Kong

An awesome view of Kyoto from Arashiyama Monkey Park.

A Brief Guide For Teachers

Photo by Lesly B. Juarez on Unsplash

“EL projects offer the chance to see the community as a new and powerful knowledge space where you will all have the chance to expand your understanding and practice”

— Dr Gary Harfitt

I decided to organise a workshop for in-service teachers to teach them mindfulness skills to use for themselves in the classroom, but also pass onto…

Jamie Thorne

Teacher, observer and documenter of the world around me —

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